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Health & Wellness

The purpose of the Criminal Justice dialogue is (1) to identify the culture-specific issues that result in the over-presentation of African-Americans in the Criminal Justice system, (2) to explore the interventions used to prevent and/or decrease Black crime, (3) to consider the first-hand experiences of African-Americans in the system and (4) to utilize those experiences to formulate new and more effective strategies to prevent primary offenses and recidivism.

The objectives of the Health Justice dialogue are (1) to educate the community about the culture-specific risk factors that disproportionately predispose African-American to higher morbidity and mortality rates, (2) to increase knowledge, education and interventions as well as increase physical/mental health and well-being among African-descended people, (3) to enhance quality of like through increased health, (4) to reinforce and generalize individual health outcomes through health community activities, social practices and support, and (5) to increase feelings of personal efficacy, community empowerment and collective self-esteem through coalition building, advocacy efforts and strategic policy change.


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Community Advocacy Coalition of Ventura County

  Community Advocacy Coalition (CAC)  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social advocacy organization.  We exist to be a positive change agent with the primary purpose to unify the community, organizations, and individuals for the common good of the African Americans and African descended residents on the Central Coast.  The work of committees educates, engages, and empowers, community stake-holders as stewards in affirmative efforts for their own self interests.