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The purpose of the Economic Justice panel is to educate, increase awareness, and prompt advocacy for economic justice issues with primary focus on the housing, employment, and financial literacy areas affecting the Ventura County African- American community.

The objectives of the Education Justice dialogue are (1) to prepare African-American learners in Ventura County for effective participation and leadership in society, (2) to encourage academic rigor, promote relevant curriculum, improve assessment methods, increase matriculation, decrease drop-out rates, and achieve education parity for African-American students; and (3) to support parent advocacy. 


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Community Advocacy Coalition of Ventura County

  Community Advocacy Coalition (CAC)  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social advocacy organization.  We exist to be a positive change agent with the primary purpose to unify the community, organizations, and individuals for the common good of the African Americans and African descended residents on the Central Coast.  The work of committees educates, engages, and empowers, community stake-holders as stewards in affirmative efforts for their own self interests.